Monday, January 17, 2011

Betty is home

Please welcome Betty to our flock!! ( yes, we changed her name :p)

I am so pleased with her so far, she is incredibly sweet. She is still young( i was told 11 months, but am going to call the breeder to know for sure) and does her head bob a little when she is feeling comfortable. I was able to give her lots of head scratches with her permission.

She is QUIET, no speaking no peeps, etc. Not sure whats up with that. She is a tad scruffy in her chest( could be over preening, she didn't have any toys at all )so a vet visit is in order. The only noise she did make is finch calls. she definitely was spending alot more time outside than inside, which is really apparent.

I am unsure if she had a name either.

She is very tuckered out, it was a 50 minute ride home, so she is snuggling in her cage for now. I can't wait to introduce her to Odin and see what he thinks... soon enough, but must wait!!

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