Saturday, January 29, 2011


Had the pi's sexed---

Odin is a GIRL, Betty--Now Loki-- Is a BOY. This is a total shock as we thought they were the opposite. LOL!! guess it goes to show you can't always tell the sex of a bird by looking at it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Betty is home

Please welcome Betty to our flock!! ( yes, we changed her name :p)

I am so pleased with her so far, she is incredibly sweet. She is still young( i was told 11 months, but am going to call the breeder to know for sure) and does her head bob a little when she is feeling comfortable. I was able to give her lots of head scratches with her permission.

She is QUIET, no speaking no peeps, etc. Not sure whats up with that. She is a tad scruffy in her chest( could be over preening, she didn't have any toys at all )so a vet visit is in order. The only noise she did make is finch calls. she definitely was spending alot more time outside than inside, which is really apparent.

I am unsure if she had a name either.

She is very tuckered out, it was a 50 minute ride home, so she is snuggling in her cage for now. I can't wait to introduce her to Odin and see what he thinks... soon enough, but must wait!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

an addition to the flock

Unexpectedly, we have decided to add to our flock. Yes, Scooter the military is still in the works, but he has an AWESOME home with an awesome mom til the perfect time comes for me to bring him home, which unfortunately is not now.

This afternoon, myself and my fiancee went to visit a little girl I spotted on Craigslist last weekend. She is 11 months old. She is so adorable. They are rehoming her for a lack of time, plus it was supposed to be her boyfriends bird and is starting to bond to her, which she didn't want, and he is not taking care of her. Her wings are totally butchered, but she has had a bird fly away from her before so I can understand her fear. We spent a little time with her this afternoon, and she stepped up willingly to myself and my fiancee. We are making the finalization on where to put her and when to go get her. I am totally smitten.

Welcome soon,

Our new Bronze Wing Pionus.