Tuesday, January 11, 2011

an addition to the flock

Unexpectedly, we have decided to add to our flock. Yes, Scooter the military is still in the works, but he has an AWESOME home with an awesome mom til the perfect time comes for me to bring him home, which unfortunately is not now.

This afternoon, myself and my fiancee went to visit a little girl I spotted on Craigslist last weekend. She is 11 months old. She is so adorable. They are rehoming her for a lack of time, plus it was supposed to be her boyfriends bird and is starting to bond to her, which she didn't want, and he is not taking care of her. Her wings are totally butchered, but she has had a bird fly away from her before so I can understand her fear. We spent a little time with her this afternoon, and she stepped up willingly to myself and my fiancee. We are making the finalization on where to put her and when to go get her. I am totally smitten.

Welcome soon,

Our new Bronze Wing Pionus.