Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a new addition come next year.

I've had macaw envy ever since i set eyes on a great big green wing macaw back in the day as a little girl. I will be adopting a 6 y.o. military macaw, named Scooter. I have met him twice, and he is fostered with a co-worker as is, she thinks we will jive just right. He's a silly boy, and looooves the lady's( lucky for me). I will be house sitting for her so i will have some prime one on one with him to really bridge that gap of stranger/friend. He will probably come home with us next year. Although that seems far away, it is already close to the end of the year as is!! :lol:

I feel so giddy over all this, here comes the new bird feeling!! get ready for tons of pictures, stories, adventures, new stuff, trees, OMG i just can't wait.

Some back story on the fella: He is severely plucked, and came to my co-worker like this; a major plucker/screamer. She has cured his screaming(he is out 100% of the time.) but he is still a compulsive plucker, to the point of being a naked chicken. This bothers some people, but to me, naw, i saw him as just another bird ready to play, and cause mischief. Hopefully we can get some of his feathers back in but if not, who cares right? It's personality that matters.

Our second time meeting went very well!! Unfortunately(not for me but him) her hyacinth was all over me to play, he would not leave me alone long enough to spend a ton of time with Scooter, but what we accomplished today was MAJOR. He allowed me to hold him multiple times(still putting up a military fight, lol) scratch his back and give head scratches. It was a great experience with lots of food, ice cubes, and fun.

This is Scooter munching on an ice cube.

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